Let The Adventure Begin!

by riverbendcog


Do you remember as a child converting living room furniture into forts to defend from invading hordes, or imagining the forest lurking beyond the backyard fence as wild frontier to be tamed?  Sometimes I forget about those days.  Sometimes I remember them as now my own children jog my memory by their play.

I hope you can tap into that sense of excitement and quest as we begin a journey through the Bible this Fall on Sunday mornings at Riverbend, with the intent of unearthing what is already there for us to find.  We will be exploring what has been called the DNA of the Bible (Mike Breen), the double helix of Covenant and Kingdom that weave through the entirety of Scripture from beginning to end, from Genesis to Revelation.

I don’t believe that a sense of adventure has to die with childhood.  But we sometimes live like that, don’t we?  With the exceptions of getting excited over sports or shopping, I believe we feel that we need to live life in a reserved fashion.  But I think that is an injustice to our Creator!  Displaying creativity, excitement, and zest for life are simply a reflection of our Creator.  The less we embrace those in our lives as adults, the further away we move from mirroring who God is.

So what is so exciting about exploring Covenant and Kingdom?  Don’t let those big words scare you or make you jump to hit the BORING button!  Covenant means relationship.  We can be excited to deepen our understanding of who God is, and learning what riches we have available by living in relationship with Him!  Kingdom means responsibility.  We can be excited to mine what it means that God has chosen us to be his sole representatives on this earth!

So find your Indiana Jones hat, and join us as the adventure begins!