A New Identity

by riverbendcog



Our identity is important to us. My father is elderly and no longer drives. But a few months ago he needed me to take him to get his drivers license renewed. I tried to talk him out of it, by saying that he really didn’t need it any longer. But he insisted on getting it. He said that he needed the photo id card to prove his identity in many situations.

Today in the second sermon exploring the DNA of the Bible, Pastor Chris talked about the covenant that God made with Abraham. In Abraham’s time, the world was a very dangerous place. There was no civil law–people pretty much did what they wanted. A covenant allowed 2 groups of people to band together, to pool their resources and their strength. This provided protection and provision for them. But for a covenant to actually work both parties had to give up their old identities and start new lives. And it had to be ratified by the shedding of sacrificial blood.

God promised Abraham that he would be his protection in a very dangerous time and place. And more important, God promised that He would give Abraham many descendents–more than the stars in the sky! Through that covenant, we have all received our identity as offspring of Abraham. God and Abraham joined together as one, allowing Abraham to share in God’s identity through the grace of God.

Move ahead a few thousand years and we find our identities shaped by another covenant. Jesus shed His blood on the cross to make a covenant with us–providing protection for us in a very dangerous time and place! Just as the covenant between Abraham and God merged 2 identities into 1, when we accept the shed blood of Jesus we become one with Him. We bear His name as Christians, and we take on a new identity. We leave the old behind forever. And our ability to persevere through our greatest trials in life will increase as we grow in our security of our new identity.

A new identity. Not a photo-id card. Instead a covenant with the King of Kings.