Did you hear that?

by riverbendcog


Have you ever been the sole person in a building  and in the stillness you hear noises that you aren’t causing?!  Talk about spooky!  And then throw in the variable of it being after dark and you have the makings of a horror movie!  Of course this isn’t your first time in this exact setting, and you know it is just the building settling, or environmental causes, but regardless, it still gets your heart-rate up!  Funny how we often don’t hear those same noises if someone else is with us.

As we look at the life of Abram (this Sunday we’ll get to his name change-Abraham), we can make the simple observation that he heard the Lord speak to Him.   “Leave your home.”  “I will bless you.”  “I will make you into a great nation.”  “I will protect you.”  “You will have a son.”  “I will make a covenant with you.”   God initiated the conversation and  relationship.  Even though Abram was alienated from God, like the rest of humanity, God spoke to Abram, and Abram received what was spoken-and it became faith in his heart.

The New Testament tells us: “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.”(Romans 10:17)  From a biblical point of view, faith to believe God comes from listening to God speak to us.  Because Abram heard and accepted the word of the Lord, God gave Abram the gift of a relationship with him.  God had extended an invitation to Abram-an invitation to a journey that would lead all the way back to the Garden of Eden (well, to the relationship and responsibility and life that we were created to experience).

God is always speaking to us; He isn’t trying to hide from us.  It can be helpful to tune out all the other noises in order to hear His voice.  The Lord called Samuel as a boy, but he didn’t recognize the voice because he hadn’t learned how to tune God in.  Eli had to help Him get started.  How about you?  Are you able to hear the Lord speak?  If not, I encourage you to do whatever it takes to learn to hear Him-the King of the Universe!  He wants to speak to you about identity and calling-the meaning of life!  It is worth seeking out a trusted friend to ask for help to begin the journey.  Remember, you’re never too old to learn something new 🙂