Tell him Jesus sent you

by riverbendcog


“You can ask for anything in my name,and I will do it so that the son can bring glory to the father.Yes ask me for anything in my name and I will do it” John 14:13-14

Have you ever had the experience where you are telling someone about a misfortune-maybe your car is making a strange noise, or your fridge stopped working, and the person says to you, “I know someone who can help. Call him and tell him that I sent you. He’ll fix you up”.

I love when that happens because of two things. First I can trust that whoever I am being sent to is trustworthy. And second, someone has put in a good word for me.

In this passage of scripture we hear Jesus being that friend who paves the way for us -instead of with a kindly and honest repair person-with our Heavenly Father.

These words that Jesus speaks are a call to pray according to the terms of our covenant relationship. Because we are in a covenant relationship with God, much like in a marriage covenant, there is sharing of all things. So all that Jesus receives from God the Father, we have access to as well. Of course we know that in this broken and fallen world, many times the “things” that we think we want and need are contrary to God’s Purposes for our lives. But if what we ask for is in keeping with the will of God,we can be sure He will be faithful to provide-not always on our schedule but some time.

“Ask for anything in my name” doesn’t mean that we are to casually toss the words “in Jesus’ name” onto the end of all our prayers as if they were a good luck charm, or a magic mantra that guarantee we will get a hearing in the big courtroom in the sky. That’s where the similarity to the trustworthy repair person ends. These are holy words, that remind us that we have the same identity as Jesus. We are children of the King of the universe. Now isn’t that the kind of repairman you want to get to know?