Like a Rock

by riverbendcog


One particular auto maker uses the motto “like a rock” as a motto to sell their pick up trucks. They are trying to suggest that their truck is tough as a rock, sturdy as a rock, immovable as a rock, strong as a rock, and on and on the simile goes. You want a reliable truck, don’t you? If so, then your best bet is to buy theirs.

The Bible often invites us to find security and steadfastness through our faith. It is always available to us from God, but it is often a matter of us accessing that provision. David declares in Psalm 57:7, “My heart is steadfast, Of God, my heart is steadfast.” Those are easy words to speak when the water is calm. But it is an entirely different thing when there is a storm raging all around. David wrote those words in the midst of one of the many storms that were all too common in his life.

How is your heart right now? Is it at peace? Or is it full of unsettledness (i.e. fear, anxiety, discontent, distraction, confusion, uncertainty)? We must embrace the Covenant life that we were created for in order to attain a steadfastness of heart. I can be steadfast by receiving my identity from my Heavenly Father.  I am loved.  I am secure.  No circumstance or person can shake me.  My life will be lived with the steadfastness of a rock.

The lyrics of the worship song Not Be Shaken come to mind to conclude this post:

“When the nations crumble

The word of the Lord will stand

Kings may rise and fall

His love will endure

Though the strong may stumble

The joy of the Lord is strength

To my soul

I will not be shaken.

I will not be moved.

I will not be shaken.”