A New Man

by riverbendcog

imagesToday is Pentecost Sunday and my bible reading took me, and millions of other Christians around the world to Acts 2. Up until now, the followers of Jesus must have been in a state of confusion. On one hand, they saw their beloved Messiah brutally killed on a Roman cross.  But then just as he promised, he rose from the dead and appeared to not just them, but to many others.

Now Peter has been a bit of a disappointment throughout Jesus’ trial and crucifixion. He didn’t stay by the side of Jesus through the agony even though he had sworn on his life that he would, only hours before Jesus was arrested and led away. But with the opening of the book of Acts, we see a new man standing before us.

Peter has been changed through his knowledge of Jesus-even more he is changed because he CHOOSES to fully trust Jesus-not just a bit-not just sometimes with some things-but fully,completely and with it all. And from that decision,a new man walks out into the city square on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit has come upon him and the others, and he is filled with a boldness never seen before.

it is a powerful speech he makes- he goes right out on a limb with his faith and speaks powerful words to the gathered people.

I’ve had a week where I felt a bit like the pre-Pentecost Peter. I’ve experienced self-doubt  and insecurity. I’ve felt like I screwed up more times than I got it right. I’ve been on my knees literally multiple times praying “oh for grace to trust thee more”. My stubborn pride has led me to thoughts not worthy of my position in life-that of daughter of the King of the Universe! Yes my princess crown was somewhat tarnished this week and I have felt most unworthy of it. It was rough. Jealousy, bitterness and insecurity. Sins not befitting my identity that  I’ve been given through my covenant relationship with Jesus.

But God is so very good! So very forgiving! When we go to Him-when I go to Him, in honesty, repenting of what I know is sin and believing that just like the post-Pentecost believers in Acts 2-I will be filled with His power and forgiveness-i can get up off the floor a changed woman.

“Jesus Jesus how I trust thee, how I’ve proved thee o’er and o’er”. Yes, Jesus has proved once again that he longs to make us new,make us whole,make us better than when we went before him on our knees in sorrow. This is my Jesus. Thanks be to God!