Covenant Requires Creation

by riverbendcog


Scenario 1

Person 1: Did you see that game last night??  It was unbelievable!  The game went into extra innings!  It was SO exciting!

Person 2: It was a pre-season game.  It had no meaning!

Scenario 2

Person 1: Did you see that game last night??  It was unbelievable!  The game went into extra innings!  It was SO exciting!

Person 2: YES!  We finally won a World Series Championship!  It was a long season, but all that hard work paid off!

The true meaning or significance of something is found only in the greater narrative to which it is attached.  If there is no greater narrative, the worth it is given is purely subjective and relative.  The same thing holds true to our faith.  Covenant (relationship) only makes sense if there is a Creator, and a Fall, and a disconnect that requires reconnecting!  Some choose to downplay our origins as of secondary importance, in an attempt to be more relevant and tolerant.  Some prefer not to come down on any side, but sit on the fence, because they have a hard time reconciling the Bible and “science”.  If the science community with the loudest voice and most influence declares that evolution is fact, some people don’t want their faith to be irrelevant or unreasonable, and so they pick science over Scripture, or give Scripture some creative interpretation. ( Now this isn’t a rant post about what I think science is or isn’t.  However, those thoughts needed to be mentioned in the context of this topic.)  And then I suppose there are some who push origins to the background for entirely different reasons.  But can we do that without compromising or diluting the significance of what the Cross is all about?

Genesis 1 tells us about the fact that we were created (Gen.1:26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image.)  In chapter 3 we learn that there was an ongoing relationship between the Creator and the humans he created as the crown of his creation (Gen.3:8-9 Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”).  As Genesis chapter 3 continues we learn that the sin of disobedience to God’s command breaks that pure relationship between Creator and created, and results in a permanent barrier.  The rest of the Bible is the story of the Creator executing His rescue plan to bring us back to Himself.  He does this by choosing individuals, and then a nation, and through Covenant relationships providing a means of reconnecting with our Creator which results in fullness of life.  The climax of this is the Cross.  A once-for-all sacrifice of blood that opens the way for ALL peoples to receive the love and forgiveness from the Creator-who by then has come to be known as King of the Universe and also Heavenly Father. 

There is a reason that we have the Old Testament.  It speaks of our origins and speaks of our brokenness and our need.  Without this greater narrative, the New Testament and the Cross truly loses it’s punch.  If we evolved from lower forms of life we aren’t different from animals and Jesus had no reason to come.  If life is evolving and becoming better, then we don’t need Jesus to die for our sins.  If we weren’t created, what purpose and value is there to our individual lives?  Are you valuable?  Absolutely.  However, you will only truly realize that worth if your faith embraces the truth of your origins.