Kingdom Mission

by riverbendcog

it takes a village

“It take a village to raise a child.” That saying is an expression of the belief that mission is best accomplished by a group of people. In this case the mission is bringing up children. The group of people are known to each other- a community living together in village life. The philosophy is that community can chip in and has a role to play in the development of the children that exist in the village’s bounds.

When we talk about fulfilling our Kingdom mission (to make disciples who make disciples) a similar sort of thought holds true. ‘It takes a Covenant community to execute a Kingdom mission’ would be my rephrasing of the principle. To experience this you have to buy into the philosophy as true first.
Do you believe that when you receive salvation, you enter the Kingdom of God and are called to live in the Covenant Community (church)? Or do you think being part of the church is optional? If you read your Bible it is blatantly clear that the church is dear to the heart of our Lord, and so it ought to be dear to us. Additionally, the many calls to relationship and responsibility we are called to in Scripture can only be fulfilled if you are in the church! It says we are each given a gift and a role to help build up the church. It goes without saying than, that if we don’t join in with the Family of God we are being disobedient.

I addressed Covenant community, now let’s look at the 2nd part of our premise: Kingdom mission. The Great Commission tells us we are to be about disciple making. The outworking of that can we as wide and varied as the Holy Spirit leads and gives the creativity for. Some people are gifted for teaching. Some are gifted as evangelists. Some are gifted to serve. Some have a burden and passion for helping the disenfranchised. Some have a burden and passion for helping the elderly. Some have a burden and passion for reaching those who love sports. The list can go on. But the application question for us is whether we see the ministry we are called to as something we are individually responsible for or whether we see it in the context of community? The same is equally true whether our “ministry” is based inside the church or whether it functions more outside the formal structure of traditional church. Any individual is limited by capacity of time, energy, and resources. We can only give and serve so much before we burn ourselves out and become discouraged in trying to carry the burden of mission alone.

So, are you trying to be on mission by yourself? Or are you making room for others to join you? Are you inviting others along? Are you intentionally praying and seeking from the Lord those He has gifted and burdened with the same passion? When we look at the ways of the New Testament and see their incredible fruitfulness we will see they functioned more as an extended family on mission than as individual superheroes. It WILL take a Covenant Community to execute your Kingdom mission.