Kingdom Provision

by riverbendcog


Unlimited supply of __________.  What would you fill in the blank with?  Immediately our fleshly eyes light up, and our minds may run to some selfish desire.  Money.  Shoes.  Toys.  Food.  Where did your mind go?  The answer to that will tell you something of how surrendered your mind and heart are to the Lord.  If you found your answer uncomfortable and revealing shallowness, that’s okay.  We’re all on a journey to greater surrender.  This is an opportunity to turn your thoughts into prayer.  Regardless, the idea of unlimited provision is a biblical idea.  Now I don’t believe the prosperity gospel (name it and claim it) is a biblical understanding of God’s intentions.  But neither do I think we need to have a knee-jerk reaction and live in scarcity.  We don’t need to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater.  I want to use the rest of this post to set forth a biblical understanding of God’s provision.

As the quote in the picture above intimates, in the Kingdom of God there is no shortage.  God’s plan is for abundant provision for his children.  We see this from the beginning.  The Garden of Eden was a place more than sufficient provision; it was a place of abundance!  This tells us that God’s design and original intent for us is not one of shortage.  We know that when Adam and Eve were ejected from the garden because of their sin, the abundance was forever lost.

The great news for us is that ever since that point God has proven to be faithful in providing for those that seek Him and come into Covenant relationship with Him.

One of Satan’s main area of temptation he targets at humans is appetite.  Appetite for completeness.  Appetite for sex, money, power, popularity, food.  Appetite for abundance, having more than enough.  This harkens back to our origins.  Satan plays on our longings for the abundance that humanity’s parents experienced; now a distant memory in our subconscious, knowing that scarcity is more our lot.  The ways of this world, under the direction of the prince of this world-the devil, is to declare that you deserve as much as you want because you are the most important person.  No matter what collateral damage there might be, you need to look after number one because nobody else will.  False; If you are a child of God.

The kingdom of God is under the reign of the King of the Universe.  He is the one who created, who is sustaining, and who will administer justice when He has decided “the End” will be.  We can be tempted to lose heart when we lose perspective.  We will be tempted at times to live like a child of the devil instead of a child of God, when the flesh calls us to horde or to do whatever we can to look after ourselves.  This is why we need to constantly listen to the voice of God which tells us we are loved, we will be cared for.  Let us live with confidence in our Father, knowing that if we seek first His Kingdom then He has promised to take care of our needs.  The teachings of Jesus are thorough in telling us that we don’t need to be worry about not having enough; our Heavenly Father knows our needs.  And as humans we know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more can we expect our perfect Heavenly Father to shower us with the abundance out of His love for us!