Ready and Waiting!

by riverbendcog

ready and waiting

In anticipation of the birth of a baby, we watch for signs that all is well—-its heartbeat, its first kick. We prepare—we paint the baby’s room, buy clothing and all the things we will need to care for the little one. We anticipate with great joy the baby’s arrival. We read the books that tell us what to expect as the baby grows.

Likewise it should be for the appearance of the Son of Man. We too have signs to watch for, the preparation, the anticipation and the joy. But how many of us take and read the what to expect book, the Bible? Are we as prepared for the coming of the Son of Man as we are for the coming of a baby?

In Luke 21:34, Jesus warns us that we can become so wrapped up in the cares of this world, with wrong living and drunkenness that the day of His coming will spring upon us like a trap. While we should not obsess over it, we are to prayerfully watch for the signs and to be preoared because He also tells us that for those who are not prepared, He will come as a thief in the night, when He is least expected. We have the what to expect Book, whose words will not pass away and so it can be trusted. How do we prepare? We do so by reading the Book, by coming to faith in Jesus, by remaining faithful and by living in submission to His will for us.

Will this first day of advent just be another day or a day to continue to prepare our hearts for His coming?  Will we examine ourselves daily to make sure that what we say and do shows others that we are His children? It truly is a day of anticipation and joy so that no matter where we find ourselves, if He came right now, we are ready.