Told You So

by riverbendcog

I told you soAre there any more triumphal AND defeating words as “I told you so”!  If you are on the receiving end it stings.  It’s a helping of humble pie; It means you were warned but chose to reject the advice.  If you are on the dishing end it swells your head.  It means you knew what you were talking about.  Although you are justified as being correct, those are rarely helpful words.  We need go guard against the sin of pride that would lead us to sling those words.

One person who is always entitled to use that phrase is God!  He is omniscient and sovereign.  We find that whenever God speaks something, it comes to pass.  He is faithful to His word.  If He has spoken something that hasn’t come to pass we can conclude one of two things: 1) It will still come to pass and be fulfilled, or 2) it was a conditional word and therefore because action was taken in response to that word, the outcome has changed.

This past Sunday I preached on the Christmas text found in Luke 2: 8-20; the story of the shepherds and the angels.  Verse 2o states “The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told”.  The angels announced that the Messiah had been born, and they were directed where to find him.  The said to one another, “Let’s go and see”.  They were the privileged first ones to see baby Jesus!  This was something worth testifying about.  An appropriate response was to glorify and praise God for the invitation to celebrate the birth of His Son!     

And they found things just as they had been told.  I told you so-God.  The word of God…we will it just as we have been told.  That is part of our message and witness to the world.  We live our lives according to the Word, and we find it to work!  We find it accurately describes reality.  We know that if we do ‘this’, ‘that’ will happen.  We know that God says he will answer if we call out to him.  We pray and we see answers to those prayers.  We shine light, and darkness is dispelled.  We love and forgive, and find those to be more effective reactions than seeking revenge.  This will become part of our testimony.  We can trust that what God says will happen will come about, because in many other areas we have tested it and it has been true.  He is faithful and true.  I have no reason NOT to trust him.  I know Who he is, what his character is. And so I know I can trust him through the circumstances that I can’t understand.

May you experience the hope, peace, and love of Christ in your midst this Advent season.