The Unwelcome Guest

by riverbendcog



In the parable of the wedding banquet (Matthew 22:1-14) the Jews were the first to receive the invitation to the Lord’s banquet table but turned the invitation down either by ignoring it, with excuses or by killing the messengers, the prophets. Angered by their cavalier attitudes, the invitation went out to the Gentiles who responsed gladly and filled the banquet hall. However, one man chose to be different from the rest and dishonored the king by not wearing the clothes provided for the occasion. Confronted, he had nothing to say to excuse his behavior and was thrown out from the well lit hall into the subsequent darkness outside the hall doors.

The man thrown out wanted the experience of the kingdom provisions but on his own terms. What one needs to realize is that although we all come into the kingdom by invitation through Christ, we come under His conditions and not our own. If we insist on our own way we too risk being thrown out. The invitation is given to many but only a few are chosen. These are the ones who accept the Lord’s provisions in a worthy manner.

The question to consider is—am I, are we, worthy of the invitation? If not, the invitation will go to someone else and they will be chosen instead. The man who was thrown out wanted the benefits but rejected the giver of those benefits with his disrespect. We need to be careful not to do the same. The prodigal son comes to mind—-having experienced all that life with the father had to offer, to find himself totally without, feeding the pigs who had more than he had was an eye opener. He had gone from the brightly lit hall into the darkness of life without the Father.

In our desire to celebrate inside the brightly lit hall with the groom, we must show ourselves worthy of the invitation to that banquet hall and to show the respect, honor and praise that the Father (King) desires. To do otherwise is to risk being thrown out.