The Artist’s Canvas

by riverbendcog


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After we are born the empty canvas of our life begins to take form as picture after picture of our life is painted on it. The canvas is rough and pitted with the flaws (sins) of our living. The longer we live the rougher and more pitted the canvas picture becomes.

After Jesus comes into our life, that canvas is washed with his blood making it as white as snow. Hebrews 10:17 tells us that He will wipe the slate (canvas) clean of our sins. It is smoothed out much like an artist sizes the canvas preparing it for the picture that will be painted on it. We become the object of that canvas; the artist is God himself.

We have just finished another year and if you’re like me there are a lot of rough spots still. What I, what we need to remember is that the artist is not yet finished. He will continue to size the canvas as often as is required to produce a beautiful picture fit for the King. This will continue until we die. That’s when the picture will be complete, perfect in Jesus.

Question is—-do we want the artist to paint our canvas or do we?